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What is the Life Planning Workshop?

Families like yours face responsibilities, issues, and emotions that the “typical” family does not.  Each day can be a challenge to meet the physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial requirements of your special needs family.

Our team at For Families of Special Needs, Inc. has developed a 2-day workshop to address your unique situation.

What Consulting Services do you provide?

  • Education on United States Federal and State Social Benefits and Waiver Programs.
  • Development of a Long-Range Care Plan for your Adult Disabled Child.
  • Development of Estate Plan for the family of special needs, including Last Wills and Testaments, Special Needs Trust and the appropriate Power of Attorney necessary to provide protection to the disabled adult child. Our firm uses a Self-Developed program to determine the appropriate Special Needs Trust funding level. 
  • Support during the 2nd phase of an appropriate estate plan, the Changing of Beneficiaries.
  • Consultation on Guardianship, Powers of Attorney or Supportive Decision Making.
  • Advises on Divorce Decree Modification for the special needs family.

What will I Learn About?

  • Social Security System
  • Social Safety Nets
  • SSI, Medicare and Texas Medicaid
  • Legal Issues
  • Guardianship, Estate Planning and Trust
  • Waiver Programs
  • Residence Programs
  • Tools you need to Reach Your Goals

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