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Estate Planning

Care for loved ones with disabilities and their families, by letting the skilled professionals in special needs trust, plan and manage a wide range of life-enhancing services.
The estate planning process begins with a core planning review that helps enable you and your family to:

  1. Healthcare and professional services planning coordination
  2. Portfolio management
  3. Benefit coordination
  4. Asset and liability management
  5. Budgeting, bill pay and tax review
  6. Insurance evaluation
  7. Evaluate housing options and manage real estate

Insurance Strategy

Insurance is synchronized with your overall estate plan

All too often, insurance is treated as something separate from a total estate plan. Our Life Planners understand the importance of insurance and how it contributes to the estate planning process to ensure that your insurance portfolio properly reflects your needs and goals.

Working in partnership with your relationship manager, your insurance specialist can recommend solutions and strategies that complement your overall estate plan. Specific services include portfolio review, carrier risk analysis and monitoring, custom-tailored solutions, and access to a comprehensive selection of insurance products.

Insurance solutions for your needs

Insurance offers more than protection from unforeseen events. Insurance solutions can help you at every stage of your financial life, whether your goals are estate protection, liquidity creation, estate accumulation or estate transfer.

Care & Transition Plans

A Care Plan is a way to share information about your child with others. It is written information about how to best care for your child's health needs.

Transition Plan is a partnership involving the individual with special needs, their family, local service providers, school personnel and others who will be supporting the transitioning to adulthood.

Our Life Planners will design a Care & Transition Plan to meet your child's life challenges ahead, including acquiring and maintaining benefits.

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